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The Round Up – Anxious Americans, Bailing Out Ukraine, Plus more

In this Round Up, anxious Americans worried about inflation and bills, how much longer will we fund the Ukraine war, and Joe Biden continues his censorship war.



The Round Up

In this Round Up, anxious Americans are worried about inflation and being able to pay their bills, and how much longer will we fund the Ukraine war, and Joe Biden continues his censorship war.

As we face vital issues in America, The Round Up is your answer for a world that moves fast. Having legitimate news stories as opposed to the mainstream media narrative is extremely important in understanding the truth. 

These are stories that affect us and make us think and laugh too! There are also stories of poignancy, remembrance, and good old fun, because “laughter is still the best medicine!” 

We aggregate from thousands of sources. Enjoy, enlighten, and educate yourselves about the reality of today’s America and the New World Order, or as one of our owners would say, “Live and learn.”


Sports Grumblings was founded by fantasy sports pioneers. Now, as one of the few conservative sports companies fighting "woke" media, please consider following and supporting us!


Greg Norman: How I lured Cameron Smith to LIV Golf (

PGA attacks on LIV Golf and its players are failing. As money talks and the Saudis have it, it seems PGA leaders also have it but abuse it. In an ironic twist, PGA Tour sponsorships contribute to Saudi Arabia’s massive economy. The PGA’s irony and hypocrisy!

Roger Federer announces retirement from tennis after a stellar career (The Guardian)

Federer has had an illustrious career. Twenty-plus years of playing this sport can destroy a player’s body. Even though they don’t take hits, the hours on the court, the power required from their bodies, and the quickness and agility needed are grueling.

Before you go there, ex-high school jocks, you can’t compare the two. Federer, enjoy your riches, as fame will fade, but your accomplishments will last.

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan’s private jet use detailed in report (

The PGA keeps taking hits. In fact, elitists who want to keep a near-monopoly on it dominate their sport and those who run it.

Considering their current battle with LIV Golf and the accusations they’ve been making against them, this flagrant showing of greed finally gets noticed. While they live largely, they act like Saudi Arabia’s wealth is destroying golf. They believe in the leftist mantra, “Nothing to see here,” as they indulge themselves in a lifestyle most can only dream of.

Soccer Legend Cristiano Ronaldo Sparks Reactions After Posing for Photo With Jordan Peterson (

Is Ronaldo even aware of what he was doing, or what would happen with a picture of him and a conservative/libertarian? The cretins are trying to destroy Ronaldo now. Will he stand up for his beliefs?

Maybe he can change the narrative, but will he? The ball’s in your Ronaldo.

Will Daniel Jones’ promising 2022 start help save his job? (

Until he fully understands the playbook and continually improves, Giants QB Daniel Jones needs to realize RB Saquon Barkley is the star here.

Jones’s talent and potential are undeniable. Hopefully, he’s not mentally beaten down and now has happy feet.


The Way I See It

John Georgopoulos, a pioneer in fantasy sports, two degrees, computer entrepreneur, actor, writer, producer, and Wall Street young gun. Big John brings his own takes to today’s sports, pop culture, and politics.

Sports Grumblings was founded by fantasy sports pioneers. Now, as one of the few conservative sports companies fighting "woke" media, please consider following and supporting us!


Ubisoft Says Its “Big AAA” Games Will Now Be Priced At $70 (GameSpot)

There’s no doubt that parents will second guess that price but still get their kids the game. Parents will buy it because video games keep their kids busy compared to spending time with them.

Piracy will increase and continually abound, but this price will be the new standard.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken unveils 2 billion for Ukraine, others (

Why do we fund a war that has no bearing on Americans but has cost us over $54 billion so far? Is America asking where the money goes?

Is anyone in the media asking what Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy has done to the opposition party? Finally, how much of our tax dollars go to white supremacist groups like the Azov Battalion?

Philadelphia preps for the possibility of migrant buses arriving (Axios)

The Brown Grumbler asks progressives who are upset about Texas and Florida sending illegal immigrants to blue states and sanctuary cities, to show us your tweets when Obama, now the Biden regime, sent them to red states or red districts in blue states.

Then he states, sarcastically, “We’ll wait.” 🤦🏽‍♂️

Biden Administration Censoring Dissenting Voices (National Review)

As the Brown Grumbler tells us, we also saw censorship in the country of his birth. Next, he shows us how it’s happening here.

Immigrants flee authoritarian governments that censor the opposition. We must fight the belief that “that can’t happen here.” Yes, the Brown Grumbler says we’re becoming a nation of fools, unwilling to believe the obvious!

“It’s becoming too expensive to live”: Anxious older adults struggle with tight budgets (CBS News)

We’re sending billions to Ukraine, spending hundreds of billions on illegal aliens who want citizenship without qualifications.

Now Democrats admit the “Inflation Reduction Act” isn’t about reducing inflation, but funding climate scams. 🤦🏽‍♂️

All the while, the average American is struggling. Many struggling people need to look in the mirror and remember who they voted for. The only way to change is to hold ourselves accountable.


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