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The Round Up: No Ball Aaron Judge, Soaring Eagles Fly High, Cancer Survivor Bradshaw, and more.

The Round Up: No balls, Aaron Judge, the Eagles Soar, Bradshaw Beats the “Big C”



The Round Up

The Round Up: Aaron Judge and home run ball No. 59 is missing, the Philadelphia Eagles are undefeated and soaring, while Terry Bradshaw beats the “Big C” and much more.

As we face vital issues in America, The Round Up is your answer for a world that moves fast. Having legitimate news stories as opposed to the mainstream media narrative is extremely important in understanding the truth. 

These are stories that affect us and make us think and laugh too! There are also stories of poignancy, remembrance, and good old fun, because “laughter is still the best medicine!” 

We aggregate from thousands of sources. Enjoy, enlighten, and educate yourselves about the reality of today’s America and the New World Order, or as one of our owners would say, “Live and learn.”


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OutKick Exclusive: MLB, Fan at Odds Over Aaron Judge 59th HR Ball (outkick)

This is capitalism, and that ball is prestigious and worth considerable dollars to the owners. That’s because of the importance to MLB tourism and the fans seeing the sequential order up to the record-breaking home run ball. Any fan should hold out because they’ll eventually come back to make you an offer of real dollars. A few autographed baseballs and pictures won’t cut it here.

Philadelphia Eagles Are the Last Undefeated Team In The NFL (

Everyone who has an opinion has opined on the Eagles. They’ve fought a lot to overcome, including questions at the quarterback position. They’ve earned every win. With one-fourth of the season done, let’s see how they continue. Undefeated? Obviously too early to even think about it.

Dallas QB Controversy?! Cooper Rush Wins 3rd Straight Since Dak Injury (

If Dak returns and wins, this is his team. However, the pressure is on as his replacement has reeled off four straight wins.

Remember how Tony Romo and Dak won their starting jobs? By winning and, thus, keeping the starter on the bench. Is history repeating itself?

Terry Bradshaw reveals recent battles with cancer (FOX Sports)

Bradshaw’s personality makes him beloved, and he’s smart enough to have a great agent. He is not the brightest man to live; he proves what can happen when you are charismatic and self-deprecating. It’s good to see him recover and continue to make America laugh.

Instagram Model Poker Star Robbi Jade Lew Accused Of Using Vibrator To Cheat (OutKick)

What a way to win. Damn! A vibrator. Think about that? In combat, she takes time for a bit of pleasure. Is this what they mean when they say mixing business with pleasure?

To keep this from happening, next time, she’ll need a pat down or x-ray. Who’s going to do that? Will there be a new rule no vibrators are allowed? 😳

Rachel Nichols Says ESPN Spied on Her Before Maria Taylor Leak (

If someone from ESPN was spying on her, one would imagine there are legal issues here? Can she sue? One would think so. This woman said nothing wrong and actually spoke the truth. She was promised and signed to the gig but replaced for one reason – color.

This one will be interesting because if she chooses to pursue this, the implications of a massive payoff by ESPN would be off the scales to keep their dirty laundry from becoming public.


Breaking News – Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins Quarterback (

Tua updated his condition and the prospect of his playing again this season.

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Sports Grumblings was founded by fantasy sports pioneers. Now, as one of the few conservative sports companies fighting "woke" media, please consider following and supporting us!


Sheryl Sandberg Exits Meta, But Company Will Keep Paying For Her Security (Benzinga)

Let’s not forget that these are the same people who want to take our guns away while getting grade “A” protection with armed security. It’s being paid by the company promoting and endorsing politicians who wish to take our guns and coordinate with the Democrat Party to censor conservatives. Shades of Alyssa Milano!

Interview with the Vampire review: Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid sizzle (

When race-hustling leftists scream “cultural appropriation” yet are silent when it happens to whites, the Brown Grumbler cracks up. A woke reboot, completely changing the characters. I’ll pass.

Ironically, they’re branding it a hit with 1.2 million total viewers. History shows that unless a pop culture icon is to be such as “Empire” became, it’s likely to lose viewers as the season continues. Based on costs and potentially diminishing viewership, this show will likely be gone after two years.

How Bill Gates Almost Killed Xbox: ‘This Is An Insult To Everything I’ve Done’ (Benzinga)

At least Gates acquiesced and didn’t stand in the way of what the Xbox would become. The truth is, it’s changed how gaming is now played with Microsoft’s “Game Pass.” The Xbox is the reason for that.

Yet, we’re still wondering how Steve Balmer, Gates’s successor, screwed up their smartphone strategy to lose everything to Apple’s iPhone.

COVID closed schools, and kids’ learning suffered. NEAP scores prove it (

The data has consistently shown how badly the lockdown hurt our future – kids. Yet, the Democrats and teachers’ unions still persist. Ironically, they’re always willing to come back to teach in person, for:

  • More money.
  • Change to create greater indoctrination.
  • Making sure they can hide indoctrination from parents.

Democrats still put ideology over doing right for future generations. This should surprise no one!

DeSantis and Rubio hold strong leads in Florida gubernatorial and Senate races, up by double digits with Latinos (Fox News)

The Brown Grumbler always preaches how the plantation con won’t work on Latinos / Hispanics. There is no surprise here; the Republican Party still needs to learn how to recruit and Libertarians too.

Latinos want solutions, not freebies, bogus promises, or philosophers. The GOP is the only beneficiary because they’re the only alternative party. We’re fleeing the plantation, not being wooed by Republicans. As far as Libertarians? They’re irrelevant as long as they choose to sit on their thrones of morality and pontificate.

Kamala Harris’s prejudice could dissuade people from seeking needed hurricane aid (Washington Examiner)

Now leftists are lying and claiming the other side, i.e., conservatives, are playing politics. Harris clearly implied that minorities, specifically blacks, would first have options in recovering from the hurricane.

Being Latino, I see identity politics for what they are. That is, creating a specific narrative targeted toward a particular culture or race. In this case, minorities because they think we’re stupid. While many sheep simply follow, we Latinos want equality for all, including white, black, etc.

This statement was also a “wink, wink,” dog whistle to tell minorities that Democrats are looking out for them. FEMA already came out and stated they follow protocols, not politics, in who gets served based on regulations. In other words, the Democrats and Harris were, once again, lying to their sheep.


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