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The Round Up – FIFA Tells Progressives to GTFOH and more.

The Round Up brings us FIFA standing their ground, the NFL and the hapless Colts, the World Series falters, the GOP Red Wave dies, Jen Psaki lies and much more!



The Round Up

The Round Up brings us FIFA standing their ground, the NFL and the hapless Colts, the World Series falters, the GOP Red Wave dies, Jen Psaki lies, and much more!

As we face vital issues in America, The Round Up is your answer for a world that moves fast. Having legitimate news stories as opposed to the mainstream media narrative is extremely important in understanding the truth. 

These are stories that affect us and make us think and laugh too! There are also stories of poignancy, remembrance, and good old fun, because “laughter is still the best medicine!” 

We aggregate from thousands of sources. Enjoy, enlighten, and educate yourselves about the reality of today’s America and the New World Order, or as one of our owners would say, “Live and learn.”


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Anger over FIFA president’s ‘stick to football’ letter to World Cup teams (The Guardian)

Leftist scum always tries to co-opt what isn’t theirs to promote their issues. Many times, it works, but not this time. FIFA is its own world of corruption, yet with the most rabid fan base of all sports. They don’t care, nor will they ever care about what leftists or conservatives want.

Watch sales, ratings, and merchandise soar because, while progressives want FIFA to do something, the staunch fans who watch don’t care.

Odell Beckham Jr. Hopes to Sign Contract by the end of November, per Report (Sports Illustrated)

This could be a solid signing if Odell Beckham Jr. is realistic with where he’s at in his career.

Between age, injuries, off-the-field drama, etc., he must still learn a new offense and develop chemistry. None of that’s a given.

ProFootballDoc: With Latest Surgery, Michael Thomas’ Career In Jeopardy (

This is an excellent read regarding Michael Thomas’ toe injury. This is a must-read if you’re in fantasy football, especially dynasty league owners!

Talk about a player who was briefly on top of the world for one season, then came back crashing hard. Many believe he hasn’t taken the best advice medically, and they’re not blaming the team but Thomas.

World Series ratings drop to HISTORIC lows as an average of fewer than 12m watched Astros-Phillies (Daily Mail Online)

This isn’t surprising because Major League Baseball is dying. The complaint is the same – it too slow and tedious. The working class also can’t afford to watch in person. It’s the one sport when the seventh inning stretch begins, as does the flock of people heading to their cars to avoid any traffic.

Finally, notice all the ballparks built in the last twenty years? They went smaller than the football stadiums some would share with their NFL counterparts. Why? Because people stopped attending like they used to. Teams put a tarp over the seats to avoid an image of not being able to fill them. In 25-50 years, MLB will probably be on par with the NHL in popularity and attendance.


Nets’ Kevin Durant says Kyrie Irving’s spirits ‘high’ amid suspension (

Kyrie Irving may not care anymore, as it appears this team quit two years ago and isn’t even trying anymore. What a waste of talent, but this frequently happens in the NBA because of guaranteed contracts. Don’t forget the NBA hypocrisy remains. Using slave labor to make their gear, then preaching morality to its players on what is right from wrong. You can’t make this s*** up! 🤦🏽‍♂️

Pseudo-philosopher Kyrie Irving should ‘do his own research into antisemitism (The Guardian)

This story has several angles, including the NBA and its history of using slave labor. “History” is probably the wrong term as it continues right now in the present.

The fact the writer ignored it along with the NFL, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s own issue, shows the narrative the writer is trying to push. 


Colts Owner Jim Irsay Defied Advisers to Hire Jeff Saturday as Interim Coach, per Report (Sports Illustrated)

It’s not insane to wonder if Jim Irsay has fallen off the wagon. Let’s bottom line this: no one would run an actual business this way. This story exemplifies how bad ownership works. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Remember, if not for having the worst record, they would never have been in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. To make that worse, Manning underperformed based on expectations.

Jim Irsay making his plan for Indianapolis Colts very clear (

Kudos to the writer for speaking the truth. Jim Irsay has one goal: to tank the season. He can lie all he wants, but the moves prove this true. To the doubters, sure, they’ll win some games, but every move he’s made points to “tanking” the season.

The only move one can question as not being one to tank the team is letting new head coach Jeff Saturday play Matt Ryan. Ryan, the starter who Irsay, forced Frank Reich to bench for the rest of the season. Then again, some say, Saturday’s a drinking buddy of Irsay. While Irsay won’t hesitate to screw a head coach over, doing so to his friend is another issue… for now.

Jim Irsay on Colts Tanking Claims: ‘That’s Bulls—‘ (Sports Illustrated)

Why is this drunk, the team’s mouthpiece? Sure, Jim Irsay’s the owner, but he makes everything worse in Indianapolis when he opens his mouth. Shouldn’t Jeff Saturday and all his experience speak? Yes, people, that’s both true and sarcasm, but regardless, many believe Irsay is tanking the Colts.

Some will claim it’s clear from the moves he’s making. That said, he allowed Saturday to start Matt Ryan in his first go as a head coach. Something he refused to let former head coach Frank Reich do. Looking out for a buddy but still hoping to tank or…? Who knows?

With Jeff Saturday’s hire, the Colts won the Super Bowl of nepotism (The Guardian)

This happens when you have a drunk for an owner. Yes, he’s a documented drunk for the legal minds out there. Ted Lasso’s just as qualified as Saturday is!

Tanking doesn’t mean losing every game. Saturday will win a game here or there as he has already done, but the actual issue is Irsay and his meddling. Let’s be honest, if they didn’t have the first overall pick to grab Peyton Manning, he’d arguably be the worst owner in the league.

On top of that, did he affect Manning’s legacy? Let’s not pretend Manning was all that. He underperformed based on expectations too.


Breaking News – Zion Williamson, New Orleans Pelicans (

In this exclusive Sports Grumblings press conference, Zion Williamson admits he has no clue why he keeps getting injured.

Sports Grumblings was founded by fantasy sports pioneers. Now, as one of the few conservative sports companies fighting "woke" media, please consider following and supporting us!


Don Lemon’s new show ‘CNN This Morning’ bombs in debut (

This surprises who? Don Lemon’s days are likely numbered, and he knows this. The question really is; where does he wind up? The Today Show? MSNBC? Who knows?

Regardless, he’s talentless with objectivity, and his body of work illustrates this. He’s what would be called an “affirmative action hire.” Sadly, millions of other minorities, black, brown, yellow, red, etc., were legitimately qualified. Still, ideology and having a “yes” person like Lemon on hand are more important than talent at CNN.

In his defense, Lemon’s easy on the eyes. He’s also well-spoken, a prerequisite for any anchor position, regardless of the individual. That’s the “look” every network wants, and you’re born with that; you don’t learn it. Well, okay, some surgery may help some individuals. HA!

CNBC axes Shepard Smith’s nightly newscast after two years (

There’s a level of journalism that’s even worse than biased journalists. That’s biased journalists who believe they’re not. Shepard Smith is one of those losers! He thought, and so did CNBC, that he would have viewers from FOX who would follow him. Talk about a lack of common sense.

Like Don Lemon, Smith has no qualifications to be an anchor when you review his body of work. An anchor’s job is to report the news, not become or create a false narrative with the information. Both do that, thus showing they don’t belong in front of a camera as anchors.


Jen Psaki Blames ‘Spanish Language Disinformation’ For GOP’s Florida Dominance (

The difference between Florida versus the national and other state Republican Parties is night and day, specifically, it’s messaging. Florida and Ron DeSantis know how to message the constituency. That’s also a constituency that’s heavily Latino based.

Overall, they’re not messaging Latinos. Latinos are flocking to the GOP, not because they know we share values. Per the Brown Grumbler – they’re tired of progressive lies. However, outside of Ron DeSantis, the GOP isn’t seeking Latinos, despite stating they are. Their actions prove otherwise. This is one of many reasons there wasn’t an actual “Red Wave.”

Psaki is not only lying, but she’s wrong on many levels as she creates a false narrative for her old boss, Dementia Joe Biden.

Here’s how much campaign cash Beto O’Rourke has burned losing races up and down the ballot (Fox News)

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke went through nearly $200 million in three races and lost them all! If “white privilege exists, he’s the epitome of it.

As a conservative Latino, the Brown Grumbler openly asked some of his progressive minority friends and family members how it feels to see this much “white privilege?” 🤣

He claims he’s never been in a Latino household full of women who go silent. 🤣

Stacey Abrams has a new excuse. It’s racist and stupid (Washington Examiner)

Only one party has pushed disinformation toward Latinos and black Americans: The Democrat Party. The Brown Grumbler, as a former liberal, tells us he can attest, which is a massive reason he left the party.

When progressives lose, it’s never their fault, and they believe their own lies because they have a fake news media helping them promote it.


Republican Voters Deserve Answers and Accountability (

The “Red Wave” fizzled because the GOP refused to message or do fundamental campaigning – walking, calling, and holding town halls in the opponent’s districts.

They also kept money from working-class candidates. Candidates not beholden to the “establishment.” Remember, these are our supposed champions, yet they’ll help the Democrats win as long as they remain at the top of the GOP mountain. They don’t care about us, period!

As far as Latino growth? That has nothing to do with the Republican Party but moving away from the socialist-communist-progressive Democrat Party of today.

Democrat Vicente Gonzalez beats Mayra Flores in hotly contested Texas House race (Fox News)

This should’ve been a Red Wave, but as our Brown Grumbler states, current GOP growth is due to anger at progressives, not conservative values. You add the “establishment” in Mitch McConnell holding money back from conservative candidates, which is why the Democrat Party controls Congress. Then, add the mainstream media as the Democrats’ mouthpiece, and they’re dictating American policy that is built on enriching themselves.

While they do this, our power wanes. If this continues, America is heading downward and will not be the country it once was. Why? Money and people will flee to friendlier countries. Without a tax base, every country crumbles and eventually finds itself in a revolution.

Elitists and establishments are killing the GOP and allowing an authoritarian Democrat Party to lead us to ruin.

Report: ‘Knives Are Out’ For Kevin McCarthy After GOP’s Lackluster Midterm Performance (The Political Insider)r

Not just nationally. Most don’t realize how badly Kevin McCarthy, as the house leader, continually abused California by ignoring it and working to prevent conservatives from gaining any foothold.

He sought and picked a “token” Latina (per our Brown Grumbler). He helped her get elected as chair of the California Republican Party. This woman has worked directly for a progressive, wealthy elite who tried to remove marriage from the CAGOP plank and other conservative beliefs. Her name is Jessica Millan Patterson, and politics have made her a millionaire at our expense.

Kevin McCarthy has allowed this to continue to benefit his national aspirations.


John Wick 4 Trailer Shows Keanu Reeves Kicking Ass – GameSpot

The unexpected franchise. It went from a decent box office hit to cult status to franchise numbers. Genuinely surprising, and now they’re talking series, spinoff movies, etc.

Without Keanu Reeves, can it last? With outstanding writing and action scenes, possibly but not likely. That said, we’ll see.

After Weeks of Media Teeth-Gnashing Over Musk’s Takeover, Twitter Sees Explosive User Engagement (RedState)

Advertisers will come back, or new ones will replace them. Twitter’s too big an audience for those who have the sway to tell companies not to advertise there. They know it. What’s happening is that Twitter is experiencing a “regrowth” as millions come back.

At the same time, the mainstream or fake news media creates another false narrative in trying to cancel Musk and Twitter. Why? Supposedly, it will now be a bastion of free speech. Well, more likely his version of “free speech.” Let’s be honest; if you had an influential and not progressive voice, Twitter would ban you and that’s why the mainstream media is up in arms. Controlling the narrative is key to winning and Musk is taking that away!

Look at President Trump, Jordan Peterson, the Babylon Bee, and others.


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