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The Round Up – “Die Hard” a Christmas Movie , #StopAsianHate, more!

This holiday Round Up, brings us Die Hard and the Christmas movie debate, did leftist sportswriters practice Asian Hate, and Sonic the Hedgehog going to prison?



The Round Up

This holiday Round Up, brings us Die Hard and the Christmas movie debate, did leftist sportswriters practice Asian Hate, and Sonic the Hedgehog going to prison? All this and more!

As we face vital issues in America, the Round Up is your answer for a world that moves fast. Having legitimate news stories as opposed to the mainstream media narrative is extremely important in understanding the truth.

These are stories that affect us and make us think and laugh too! There are also stories of poignancy, remembrance, and good old fun, because “laughter is still the best medicine!”

We aggregate from thousands of sources. Enjoy, enlighten, and educate yourselves about the reality of today’s America and the New World Order, or as one of our owners would say, “Live and learn.”


A biological male who was 72nd on the boys’ track team takes first place on the girls’ team (

They’re saying that as a woman, you can thrive no matter how bad you were as a man. You will even get support from leftist women who have never competed in anything physical! 🤦🏽

Isn’t America great? Where even the worst and most unathletic male can become a champion! 🤦🏽

Witnesses to US soccer reporter Grant Wahl’s sudden death describe his last moments (Daily Mail Online)

Will we ever find out any answers? Not likely. People would be idiots if they didn’t see bad things happen when FIFA gave Qatari the World Cup. 🤦🏽‍♂️

The truth is, Qatari constituents and the individuals in charge of this event probably laughed it up when Wahl died. Sad but true and a reminder that elitism breeds greed.

Qatari should never have seen a World Cup in their country.


2022-23 MLB Free Agents (MLB Trade Rumors)

An impressive list for baseball enthusiasts. Moreover, those blue hairs who never miss a game and follow the stats while they play live! Regardless, a good list for the fantasy geek or fantasy nerd, as we call them.

In our defense, this data completely changed how reporters now cover sports. That made the world a better place.

MLB Winter Meetings: Six takeaways as Aaron Judge stays put, Red Sox fall short, Phillies and Mets make noise (

What a year, but those playoffs are what we remember, and it doesn’t matter how you get there if you can’t get past go and your star player, Aaron Judge, can’t handle elite pitching.

What good is he? Not to mention the stats were a considerable jump from the year before. Hence, you can’t rule out PEDs. Furthermore, no one with any expert authority can state otherwise.

Additionally, some believe the mantra to “#StopAsianHate” should apply here, after “ShoTime” had the MVP award stolen from him by leftist writers who wrongly gave it to Judge. While part of that is sarcasm, some Asians believe race had much to do with who won the award.


The NBA unveils a new trophy and may rename another (Yardbarker)

This trophy will be a terrible reminder if the winner doesn’t win the championship! Think about it: the award becomes a reminder of having the best record and losing in the playoffs. Hence, depression begins every time a player sees it.

This award is as practical as the “Kareem Abdul Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award.” Indeed, a wife-beater gets an award named after him. Moreover, how low can race-hustling, leftist American swine go?

Besides, our assumption is that men who can give their women the worst beatings ever, as Jabbar did to his woman will be finalists! 🤦🏽‍♂️

Paul Silas, 3-time NBA champion and longtime coach, dies at 79 (

RIP Paul. You were a champion and overcame the odds to practice what you love.

Indeed, much love and warmth as you begin your next journey.


The Way I See It – Biggest NFL Comeback in History, More (

The biggest NFL comeback in history and the meaning of ineptitude are on tap.

Sports Grumblings was founded by fantasy sports pioneers. Now, as one of the few conservative sports companies fighting "woke" media, please consider following and supporting us!


Yuji Naka, Sonic’s co-creator, arrested again for insider trading (

What makes this charge so much worse is that this isn’t the first time the authorities have charged him for insider trading. Indeed, we would call it greed, but sometimes creators get so angry at the billions of dollars companies make off their creations while they see none of it. Consequently, this is what can happen. Not all the time but possibly more than we would like to believe.

In the end, Sonic the Hedgehog can’t run fast enough to avoid some jail time! DOH! 🤦🏽‍♂️

How Biden converts illegal immigrants to legal ‘parolees’ (Washington Times)

It’s time to look in the mirror, my friends. If conservative “sheep” would actually do what they always talk about on social media, we wouldn’t have these issues. What do we mean? Specifically, this would stop if conservatives in Kentucky, Utah, Florida, and California would wake up and stop re-electing elites like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, and Kevin McCarthy.

Additionally, let’s not just put the blame on the elites. It was President Trump who gave the approval to put Ronna Romney, aka Ronna McDaniels, in charge. Since taking control in 2016, she has led the Republican Party to defeats in every relevant race. With these swine in control, we’ll keep losing. Period!


Alex Winter Bows Out of Twitter With Antifascist Callout of Elon Musk (

Let’s be clear. Alex Winter is a hypocritical leftist swine who believes in fascism. Hence, he’ upset we’re getting close to “free speech” on Twitter for everyone. Additionally, he only believes in free speech for those who think like him. Let’s be frank; that’s the mentality of a NAZI. He’d be right at home with that blonde hair and authoritarian belief system.

  • In fact, Alex Winter is a Fascist by definition: extremely authoritarian, intolerant, or oppressive ideas or behavior and very intolerant or domineering views or practices in a particular area!

Isn’t he the guy Keanu Reeves briefly made famous? 🤦🏽‍♂️

Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie? (Cinemablend)

Here we go again. Supposedly, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, nevertheless, any setting would’ve worked. Christmas was just the backdrop! In fact, there is no wrong answer here!


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